In all my work I seek direct communication in its simplest form but unlike the precise targeted message of advertising my subjects are stripped down to the bare essential. The paintings have
an unfinished quality, an emptiness and ambiguity. The subject is singular and stripped down to
its bare essentials. They are for the most part distant, either not in use or lost in thought. Nothing is quite in the right place, size or shape in relation to what’s around it, color is flat and implies an object or space rather than faithfully depicting it. The use of a limited "retro" palette is to not distract from the simplicity of the subject line. The wood plays an active role in that it is more than just a surface to paint on and the tension between the precision of the hard edge color and the casual nature of the painted line creates its own energy. The most challenging aspect is to self-edit and resist the urge to do too much, it should be seen more as an ellipsis than a full sentence.


These are all acrylic paint on unfinished Birch wood panels, they vary in size from six inch square to a seven foot high triptych but most are 40"x30". For the portraits, the natural bare wood grain works as the skin tone, giving the portraits a more organic/living quality.