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At the age of eight my parents moved us from French speaking Montréal to Vancouver,

where only English was spoken. On that long car trip I taught myself a bit of English reading the billboards that lined the highways. Those billboards left an indelible impression on me, their scale and bold flat colors — enough to later seek out a career in advertising and adopt screen printing as my first love.

The opportunity of an agency position brought me from two years in Paris to New York where I continued printing at the Pratt Studios. Inspired by the Paris café posters and immersed in a whole new culture, my prints gave me a way to break all the rules I had to adhere to in my career.

Counter to the technical accuracy of my chosen career, the technique used for these prints is very arcane; no photo images, just hand masked areas of color and printing the line by drawing directly into the screen with an oil pastel. These limited edition prints are all hand-pulled on large format, archival decal edge paper.


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