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Luni Wix
SK NoSleep Wix
SK Arc Trio morphist
Mondo morphist
Jazz Conservatory Holiday Card & FB

Painter | Printmaker | Graphic Designer

I have been drawing all my life and at twelve I knew that I wanted a career in advertising. I wanted to earn my living drawing. Soon after I discovered silkscreen printing and the POP world of Andy Warhol and Keith Harring, it quickly became my creative medium and I practiced both diligently for over 30 years, until recently.

I still design but I mostly paint in acrylics on wood panels, working in a process similar to screen printing by taping off large areas of color and applying flat, bold colour. Like those billboards, the scale is large and the images bold. I love the challenge of reverse engineering my subject, working in layers the work appears abstract until the black line reveals the subject.  

This website represents both sides of my creative expression, the fluid connection between commercial and fine art and how they can inform each other.

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